Even though Dave does drive this car on a regular basis, the interior is still fairly spartan. The owner-designed-and-built interior consists of a pair of black fiberglass seats and a custom-built, polished stainless steel dash filed with Auto meter gauges. No radio and with one look over the modified U.S. Body Source hood, you realize why.

The engine began life as a Mopar Performance Mega block with 4.500-inch cylinder bores. An Eagle 4.150-inch crankshaft slings the Manley rods and Ross pistons up and down underneath the MP aluminum heads. Making the valves move a whole lot of air and fuel is a Straightline Performance roller camshaft with a .625/.604-inch lift, and .248/.256-degrees of duration at .050-inch lift. The biggest addition is the BDS 8-71 blower. On the street, Dave needs to be careful because the blower is quite capable of creating enough vacuum to suck a robin to its demise. Topping it off are a pair of 1050 Holley Dominators. From there, the Lipshifted Perfomance 727 features goodies such as a Dynamic 911/42-inch converter and Turbo Action rebuild kit. Finally, Applied Racing Technology of Clearwater, Florida, built the Dana 60 filled with Richmond 4.56 gears and Strange axles.

Although Dave tells us this is his first-ever attempt at building a car, we have to give him credit for building something that looks this good and drives this well (we've witnessed it). When the pressures of life seem too much to take, Dave's Extreme Pressure relieves him.

Fast Facts

  • Owner: David Gagliardo, Tampa, Florida
  • Car: '73 Duster
  • Engine: Owner-built 528 Hemi
  • Block: MP Mega block with ARP main studs
  • Heads: Aluminum MP with ARP main studs
  • Camshaft: Straightline Performance solid roller .625/.604-inch lift, .248/.258-deg. duration @ .050
  • Crankshaft: Eagle 4340 steel, 4.150-inch stroke
  • Rods: 4340 steel manley
  • Pistons: Custom Ross
  • Compression Ratio: 7.7:1
  • Induction: BDS 8-71 Blower
  • Headers: Hedman Husler
  • Trans: Lipshifted Performance 727
  • Differential: Dana 60
  • Wheels/Tires:
  • Front: 15 x 4 Centerline ConvoPro wheels with 7.50 x 26/15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman
  • Rear: 15 x 15 Centerline ConvoPro wheels with 19.50 x 33/15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro
  • Paint: '75 Corvette yellow
  • Best Performance: 6.34 at 111 mph