"It's not really radical," he says. "It settled the car down on the street and made it work better on the track. He did a great job." Ron decided the specs were on a need-to-know basis, and, frankly, nobody needs to know.

Behind the motor is a 727 full of good stuff from Cope Racing Transmissions, cranking gears off with a B&M Quicksilver shifter though a Griner valvebody. The Dana 60 out back sports Moser hardware and a barely streetable 4.30 gear set.

The final note of interest would be the suspension. Ron pulled the leaf springs and went with coilover QA-1 shocks and a ladder bar setup that allows the suspension some adjustability on the racetrack. Factory front disc and aftermarket Wilwood rear brakes slow it down, while the stock interior is augmented by lightweight buckets, a Grant steering wheel, G-Force belts, and Auto meter gauging.

So, how fast does it go? Ron and fellow Marine/crew member Luke Dowd tweaked on it at the Mopars at the Rock show to get a fat 10.23 at 132 mph.

Fast Facts
Owner: Ron Polidora
Car: '73 Plymouth Duster
Engine: RB 440 block
Heads: Indy 440-1
Camshaft: Scott Brown solid lifter (Specs are classified information)
Crankshaft: Factory steel
Rods: Bill Miller aluminum
Pistons: Ross forged
Compression Ratio: 12.5:1
Induction: Indy 44-3 single plane
Headers: Hedman into Edelbrock mufflers
Trans: 727 Torqueflite, 4,800 PT Converter
Differential: Dana 60, 4.30:1 spool, Moser parts
Wheels/Tires: Front: Weld Draglite 15x3.5, M/T Sportman Rubber;Rear: Weld Draglite 15x10, M/T ET Street 28x12.5
Paint: '96 Ford Yellow
Best Performance: 10.23 at 132