Mike Goodwin of Louisa, Virginia, put the 727 TorqueFlite together with a Hurst Quarter Stick shifter. The transmission was fitted with a 3,400-stall converter and TCI internals. A Strange Engineering rearend with an Auburn Gear differential sporting Richmond 4.11gears is mated to a four-link with Aldan coilovers and a wishbone locater bar. The front suspension got a Mustang II setup with rack-and-pinion steering. The front wheels ride on Air Ride Technologies air bags and leveling system. Wilwood disc brakes bring the Weld Pro Stars wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber to a stop. David made sure that his fastback Barracuda had nothing but the best. All the marker lights, dash gauges and lights, wipers, and accessories functioned. The master cylinder was tucked under the dash along with the wiper motor and rods. The Painless wiring kit was hidden underneath the inner fenderwells, leaving the engine bay totally clean to display the polished blown Hemi.

The rolling A-Body was given to John Miller, a prodigy paint and body man at the youthful age of 22. The whole body was blocked, prepped, and sanded, while all the gaps were aligned, interior stripped, and underbody readied. Everything was painted-and we mean everything-in Chrysler PT Cruiser Inferno Red. What survived John's spray gun was painted in tan bedliner paint, a thin layer of protection from stone chips and wayward rocks. The engine block, frame, and rollcage were painted to match the body-an astounding feat of craftsmanship considering this was only the second complete car John had ever painted. Once the red hue cured, the Barracuda was brought back home where Auto Meter gauges, Air Ride controls, and a new radio were installed into the stock dashboard. Danny Haley of DH Upholstery dove into the cockpit to install the new upholstery.

Details abound in this super Super Stocker with hand-painted Barracuda badging and logos, custom stitch work, and trick fabrication. The car has the look of one of those professionally built show cars that the likes of Steve Strope and Chip Foose would be proud of.

Amazingly, David dares to bring this beast out whenever the weather permits. David gloats that his best is an average of 9 mpg, as opposed to 9 miles-per-tank. This car is intimidating and impressive, and as David summed up, "Not too bad for being built in a barn with a bunch of friends."