The following week the sailor returned and the title to the Demon was signed over. It wasn't straight or even red-the first on Greg's lists of to-dos. It took less than seven days for Greg to start thrashing on the Demon. brothers Van (Tony) and Jim Claypoole offered to help out their friend by providing both a place to store the A-Body and Tony's skills at body straightening and paint.

Over the next seven years, the Demon would slowly come into its own. It was smoothed, straightened, sanded, and finally painted in PPG base/clear '93 Dodge Viper Red at Tony's shop in Butler, Pennsylvania. Greg chose to keep the Demon as stock appearing as possible (aside from certain cues, including the modern paint hue and powertrain upgrades). The side and hood stripes, rear fascia blackout, hoodscoops, and decals all come from Year One Restorations, along with the interior replacement materials including new black carpet, headliner, and seat covers. The door panels, seats, radio, and speakers all remain the same as if coming from the factory assembly line in late 1970. The original Tuff Wheel still shines and looks great.

Greg did splurge when it came time for the powertrain. He and Shannon wanted to drive their Demon and wanted it to be reliable, so a Mopar Performance 360ci crate engine was purchased. The block came with 10:1 pistons and a Competition Cams hydraulic camshaft. The crate was topped with an M1 Mopar intake manifold and a Holley double-pumper carburetor, along with Mopar electronics to throw the fire. A pair of gorgeous tti headers flow the spent gasses through Flowmaster mufflers and out 211/42-inch stainless pipes. TCI answered the call and sent Greg a bulletproof 727 automatic with a Turbo Action 10-inch 2,800-stall converter. The big 4.10 gears bolted to the Sure Grip spin the Rallye rims, hazing the BFGs into inky blue clouds. the brakes, suspension, and rest of the taut little Dodge remain stock.

The Demon hasn't seen any times through the traps at the local track, but going from stoplight to stoplight, the Demon can sure hold its own against any contender. Under the hood the Demon looks unpresuming, but when Greg gets on it, it's a totally different story.