Fast Facts: '71 Dodge Demon
    Greg and Shannon Thorhauer • Karns City, PA

Mopar Power
The original plant had been tagged and bagged long ago, and replaced with a Mopar Performance crate 360. Packed with 10:1 compression pistons and a Comp Cams hydraulic camshaft, the all-iron lung gives it all it's got, sucking in through an M1 single-plane Mopar intake and a Holley double-pumper carburetor. Pristine tti headers glisten under the sun and plumb fumes through dual Flowmaster mufflers and out through 211/42-inch stainless pipes.
Transmission: The 727 is new and was purchased from TCI transmissions. The TorqueFlite features a 10-inch, 2,800 Turbo Action stall converter and a tight shift kit, making it snap the gears with razor precision.
Rearend: Greg chose to leave it be, with the Chrysler 831/44 doing nicely. The 4.10 gears mated to a Sure Grip plants the power to the pavement via stock axles.
Horsepower & Performance: It hasn't been track or dyno tested, but it serves as a fun cruiser and street bruiser, so does it matter?

Sure Grip
Except for new bushings, it's all the same. KYB shocks replaced the worn-out units. The torsion bars and leaves were in good condition, so they also were left alone.
Brakes: Drums at all four corners, because why mess with something when it works just fine.
Wheels: With 14-inch Rallyes up front and 15s in the back, it's a little hot rod, but still looks cool.
Rubber: BFGoodrich 225/70R14s at the nose and 275/60R15s at the tail.

High Impact
Body: The Demon was stored at the Claypoole's Butler, Pennsylvania, shop, where Tony Claypoole put his metalworking skills to work, straightening the A-Body over the 7-year restoration process. No replacement or fiberglass panels were required, so the Demon is still the same car it left the factory as.
Paint: Tony and Greg opted to go with a slight variation on the original look by using PPG '93 Viper Red. With factory-style blackouts on the hood and rear valance, along with the side stripes, many wouldn't be the wiser if we hadn't just told the whole world.
Interior: Once again, the stock-appearing theme is carried out. The radio, dash board, gauges, door panels, and seats are all original. the seat covers, carpet, and headliner were replacements from Year One.