For some people, the world of Mopars begins and ends with cars like Chargers or Road Runners. Others are immersed in the E-Body Barracuda and Challenger. many-long-timers and late-comers alike-think the world according to Chrysler begins and ends with B-Body two-doors.

But there are lots more out there, if you're willing to look. We've compiled a list of nine categories and models of Chrysler-built cars and trucks we think are worth a second look and consider to be the next project car for enthusiasts.

'60-'62 "Forward Look" Cars
This includes Plymouths, Dodges, Chrysler's De Sotos, Valiants, and '61-'62 Dodge Lancers built when Chrysler ditched body-on-frame construction on all car lines except for the Imperial. These were built during a time of executive turmoil in Highland Park when the "confused"-looking '61 Plymouth and reverse-finned '61 Dodge Polara and Dart appeared, followed by the '62-Body, shrunk at the last minute from the larger S-Body when upper management freaked out over what became of the Chevy II.

Under the hood, power ranges from the Slant Six in the compact Valiant and Lancer, price-leading Plymouths, and the midsize '60-'61 Dodge Dart, to the most-common V-8s-the 318 Poly, and the 361- and 383-inch B engines. The 413-inch RB was installed in the big Chryslers-standard in the letter 300s and New Yorkers-but it managed to find its way into the smaller cars. (Can you say "Stage I Max Wedge?")

When it comes to updates, there's still a lot to be found for the powertrain and chassis, especially if you're looking to replace fatigue-prone parts while keeping the rest of it original. Many trim pieces have yet to be reproduced, so your best bet is to seek out the most complete car you can, one with all its original brightwork still on it.

One rarity to keep an eye out for: Fullsize wagons with the factory dual air-conditioning option, which have a "coolness factor" that's off the charts, even before you crank up the rear air.