If you follow our Rare Finds column, then you know we recommend driving your Mopar around to places you normally go as a way to pick up leads on other cars in your area. Sure, you'll have to listen to countless stories about the car "my dad's uncle's cousin used to have" that happens to be just like the one you're driving-only faster. But there's also a good chance you'll get valuable information about where interesting cars are sitting, just waiting to be found. When someone sees you in an old car, they're just more likely to talk to you about old cars they know about, which just might lead you to a car like the one Robert Newton found.

Living in Williamston, Georgia, Robert had been purchasing pool supplies from the same store in his neighborhood for five years. One day Robert decided to drive his '69 Coronet R/T to the pool supply store, whereby the owner came running out to see the car. As he spoke with the store owner, Robert found that he was a Mopar guy and the original owner of a '69 Dart Swinger, which he still owned. Robert asked him if he still drove the car, and he said no, it needed some repairs and he just didn't have time to fix it up. He didn't want to get rid of it because it was a gift from his dad, so the car simply sat in his garage collecting dust.

A few years later, Robert was at the same pool supply store, and the owner asked about the Coronet. He informed the man that circumstances had forced him to sell the Coronet, but he was looking for another car to restore. Knowing Robert was a Mopar guy and would give his Dart a good home, the store owner told Robert he might consider selling the Dart. Robert quickly arranged a time to look at the car.

When Robert met with the Dart's owner and finally got to see the car, he was shocked. This wasn't just a Dart-it was a Dart Swinger with a 340 engine and four-speed transmission. Better yet, the car was black-on-black, in excellent condition, and only showed some 38,000 miles on the odometer. The car had been painted once, very early in its life after the owner attempted to buff the original paint and ruined it in the process. On a high-school budget, he had taken the car to the local budget paint shop and got what he paid for-a budget paint job.

Under the bad paint, however, was a diamond in the rough. The car had virtually no body damage or rust, was complete, and actually ran despite having sat in the garage for many years. Robert knew this was a good opportunity and quickly negotiated what he called a "fair price" for the car and drove it home the same day.

When Robert got the Dart into his garage, he was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the car. Although dull, the paint was presentable when washed, and after rebuilding the carburetor, the 340 ran like new. Aside from a new brake light switch, the car needed very little to be road worthy. He drove the car for a few months before treating it to a paint job, fresh engine, new clutch, and complete detailing. Since the car was in such good condition, the interior just needed a new carpet and headliner to be perfect.

Robert says the car is a blast to drive, and he enjoys it weekly now that it's finally complete. Who knows? Maybe driving his Dart around will lead Robert to another deal on a Rare Find.

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