Fast Facts
'64 Valiant Signet 200
Renee Tuckwiller
Auburndale, Fl

Mopar Power
How much engine does a Valiant really need? According to the factory in 1964, 273 ci is plenty. as far as anyone can tell, the engine in this car has never gotten a rebuild, so the Holley intake and carburetor are the only "new" parts-and they're vintage.

The transmission was shifted via buttons on the dash in 1964. This Valiant's original unit is still shifted that way.

It's got the little 7 1/4 rearend, and your guess about gears is as good as anyone's. Whatever's in there has been there since it was built.

Sure Grip
The factory suspension uses a few rebuilt pieces because if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Here's where things get hi-tech-aftermarket, factory-looking disc brakes up front. That's it, nothing fancy.

Yes, we know 14-inch Rallye wheels never came on early A-Bodies, but they look good enough that they should have.

"I like my little car. I can get in and drive it wherever I want."-Renee Tuckwiller

The paint on the Valiant is far from stock, but at least it's all-Mopar. The top is Deep Forest Green taken from a '96 Dodge Ram, and the bottom is Medium Blue Pearl that was a factory paint on the 2000 Pacifica.

Although it looks fairly stock, the interior features just enough modifications to make the drive more enjoyable. For starters, the AM/FM/CD player gives the required tunes, and the custom seat skins give not only a good-looking place to sit, but also a fairly comfortable one. Facing the driver is a Grant steering wheel and rechromed dash trim.

High Impact
Considering it was supposed to be a parts car, the body is in really good shape with minimal rust repair and a couple of . . . who are we kidding, it had quite a few door dings.