Fast Facts'73 Plymouth 408
Josh Clark
Allentown, PA

Mopar Power

  • Engine: The 225 came out and a 360 block went in, although it was fully prepped by Bill Reppert for a stroker crank and now pushes out 408 inches of air. Eagle H-beams, 10.0:1 Diamond slugs, an MSD timing outfit, and a Comp hydraulic cam are on the inside. With a Holley 750 and tti headers on either end, the air moves through the M1 intake/Edelbrock heads before being converted into energy and sent with a rumble to the exhaust tips.
  • Transmission: The automatic is a fully manual 727 that Bill Reppert worked his magic on.
  • Differential: An 8-3/4 unit out back, housing a Sure Grip-assisted 3.91 gear.
  • Horsepower & Performance: Street use, but can keep up with the old man with no problem.

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: Gas shocks, Super Stock springs, and a pinion snubber.
  • Brakes: Front discs and rear drums.
  • Rims & Rubbers: Cool 15x6 semi-custom-made rims and BFGoodrich TA Radials: 205/R75-15 in front and wider 15x8 versions with 275-R60/15s in back.

High Impact

  • Body: The Duster got a few mods-a real '73 scoop outfit, fiberglass bumpers, and the big rear spoiler thanks to Wayne, Josh, and Bob.
  • Paint: Bob Zelko's spray gun artistry laid down PPG bright green metallic. White stripes along the body lines are a plus, and Scotties Designs did all the extra lettering.
  • Interior: White vinyl buckets now separated by the wooden console that Wayne built, which hosts the shifter, gauges, and extras. A Kenwood stereo is in the dash, with a Grant steering wheel as the tiller. Auto Meter gauges round it out.