After Wayne had his car for a while, he decided that even though his car began life as a real 340/four-speed Demon that wasn't enough for him. He opted for 416 cubes with a little more rod from Eagle. Again, Bill Reppert did the assembly work on the block, using a 4-inch Mopar long arm and a little less compression. Since the old man knows how to run the valves, he chose a solid lifter Comp stick with .511-inch lift and 280-degrees duration, coupled to 1.6-ratio Crane rockers. The combination is still pretty close to Josh's-Edlebrock heads, M1 intake, tti exhaust, MSD ignition, and an electric fan.

Inside the Demon is a Grant wheel, a big Auto Meter tach and gauges, and an OEM-type Pistol Grip coming off the floor. A smaller custom wooden console is between the bucket seats. Like Josh's Kenwood, Wayne upgraded to a modern AM/FM stereo with an aftermarket outfit from Jensen.

Suspension work on the Demon was also similar to Josh's, right down to a pinion snubber on the 8-3/4 differential (the gears are a little tighter than Josh's 3.91 at 4.10). For wheels, Wayne went with Centerline Auto Drags and BFGoodrich tires. AAR Fiberglass supplied the hood with its Six Pack scoop, and front and rear fiberglass bumpers. Josh and his buddy Taz helped with the bodywork.

Bob Zelko layed down the Flame Red and silver PPG paint, with Scotties Designs doing the nice custom lettering, including the humorous Clark's Muscle Cars decal in the rear window and a 340 callout on the scoop that keeps Brand-X poseurs in the dark.

Wayne and Josh attend cruises and shows frequently together in their pair of Mopars. For the Clarks, building and enjoying these cars has been a great way to keep it all in the family-the A-team from Allentown.

Fast Facts
'72 Dodge Demon 416
Wayne Clark
Allentown, PA

Mopar Power

  • Engine: Starting with a 340 base, machinist Bill Reppert prepped and aligned bored the block, adding a Mopar 4-inch crankshaft, Eagle rods, and 9.5:1 compression Diamond pistons for a true displacement that is 76-inches larger than stock. The street mill was topped off with Edelbrock Performer heads, a Mopar M1 intake, and a Barry Grant Race Demon. A tti exhaust system, MSD 6AL box and ignition parts, and an electric fan round out what is visible. In the center of all this went a Comp Cams solid lifter cam, plus Crane rockers and lifters.
  • Transmission: The A833 factory box remains in place, as this was a real 340 car when the project started.
  • Differential: The factory 8-3/4 unit now hosts a tight 4.10 gear in place of the 3.55 that came off the assembly line.
  • Horsepower & Performance: Street use, but we think this may be the only legal way to beat your own kid!

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: With Super Stock springs and a pinion snubber for bite, Wayne also added gas shocks.
  • Brakes: Front discs and rear drums.
  • Rims & Rubbers: 15x5.5 Centerline Auto Drags and BFGoodrich 205/R75-15 in front and wider 15x7.5 version with 275-R60/15s in back.

High Impact

  • Body: The Demon was prepped by Wayne, Josh, and Taz. The car received an AAR fiberglass hood with a molded-in Six Pack scoop, plus front and rear fiberglass bumpers.
  • Paint: Bob Zelko handled the pigment gunnery-PPG Flame Red with silver graphics. Scotties Designs did all the extra lettering.
  • Interior: OEM black vinyl buckets are separated by a small wooden console and the shifter coming up through the transmission tunnel. There is also a Grant steering wheel and Auto Meter gauges in the cockpit.