Fast Facts
'69 Dodge Dart Swinger
Owned by Greg Ondayko, Irwin, Pennsylvania

Mopar Power
Engine: Common practice these days would have replaced the Slant Six with a hopped-up 340 or comparable small-block. However, Greg kept the Slant Six. In a dare-to-be-different attempt, Greg had Broughers' Speed Shop in Pittsburgh build his Slant Six to a point that deserves everyone's respect. The block was shaved .100 inch and received a .030-inch overbore. Inside are a set of TRW pistons, with stock forged Chrysler rods and crankshaft. With the larger 3.430-inch bore and 4.125-inch stroke, it now pushes 228 ci of air and fuel. This is exhausted through 1 5/8-inch headers with 2 1/4-inch collectors. The mufflers come from a stock 340 setup and measure 2 1/4 inches. Air is drawn in through a Carter-style Edelbrock carburetor bolted to a Chrysler Hyper Pak cast-aluminum intake manifold reproduced by Doug Dutra. The mixture is then channeled through a ported and polished factory cylinder head with five-angle valve job on the intake and three-angle performed on the exhaust. The ignition was giving a jolt with the addition of a Pertronix Ignitor replacing the stock points and an MSD Blaster Coil.

Transmission and Rearend: The column-shifted three-speed was replaced with an A-833 four-speed. It required the addition of a hump to the floor plan and uses a 10-inch Ford pressure plate and McLeod clutch. Out back sits an 83/4 rear with centersection changeability featuring either a Sure Grip or a Detroit Locker differential with 4.10 or 3.23 rear gears respectively.

Sure Grip
Suspension and Brakes: With 9-inch drums on all four corners from the factory, the addition of power called for a more reliable stopping system. Greg installed four-piston disc brakes up front from Kelsey-Hays as well as 10-inch rear drums. Underneath it all is a stock, rebuilt suspension. The most notable alterations are new added factory front sway bar, 340 front torsion bars, and rear air shocks.

Wheels and Tires: The wheel and tire combination contribute the most to the misleading stock appearance. Greg resisted the temptation of the aftermarket's offerings by retaining the stock steel 14x5.5-inch wheels. These now wear modern Radial T/A rubber from BFGoodrich, size P225/70R14 front and P235/60R14 in the rear.

High Impact
Paint and Body: Some of the bodywork was performed by Greg, but the rest was sent out to Jamie Codispotti Auto Body in West Mifflin. There, it was treated to a thorough cleaning and smoothing and then dressed in PPG Deltron Base/Clear in the hues of T5 Copper Metallic on the roof and T3 Light Bronze on the body. This is the original color scheme.

Interior: Before Greg got his hands on it, the inside of this A-Body was tarnished by the elements. He replaced all the soft trim and plastic and managed to keep the original steering wheel, carpet, and seats.