The used-car dealer had bid on the car at an estate sale. Three or four months after the sale, they got a call telling them, "Come get your AMX. You are the high bidder."

Eastern Auto Sales priced the AMX at ten grand. Mark haggled them down to $8,000 and asked if they would hold the car until the following weekend if he sent a $100 deposit. They agreed, and the deal was done. Mark brought his boss along to help tow the AMX home. When they went for the test drive, Mark's boss said, "Man, this thing runs good," followed by, "Well, if you don't drive it, I will."

"So we fired it up," said Mark, "checked all the fluids, and topped everything off. Nothing was leaking, so we drove it pretty much nonstop from Fayetteville to Georgia. We stopped at a rest stop and looked underneath. There were no leaks or vibrations, so we drove it all the way back here."

Essentially, the car is a hot little driver with not a whole lot of wear. Mark says the current mileage is 60,000, and the clutch is "a little weak," so he hasn't gone to the dragstrip yet. With a new pressure plate, clutch, and throw-out bearing, he says he'd have no problem racing the car.

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