Chris hasn't given in yet, but says if he could watch the car the entire time she had it, he might just let her take it.

Yeah, right.

Journey of a GTX
10-1-69: Myron Srickland of Elberfeld, Indiana, orders this Lemon Twist, Six Pack GTX from Weiss Motors in Haubstadt, Indiana. His father has to co-sign for him, so his name is on the original order sheet.

1971: Myron trades the car in for a '71 Sport Satellite because he likes the new body style. (Myron currently lives only a few miles from the GTX.)

10-4-71: School teacher Wilma Miley, from Oak City, Indian, buys the car for her son, who trades it in on a Volkswagen in 1973.

6-22-73: Charles Hudson of Evansville, Indiana, purchases the car. Charles and his brothers are known locally on the street and at the strip for their Mopars. He leaves the car pretty much unchanged. After driving through the early '80s, he parks it for several years before selling in early 1990. (He and a brother currently drag race a '69 Road Runner, and another brother races a '71 Challenger.)

Early 1990: Dave Duel of Evansville, Indiana, purchases the car to restore, but loses interest and sells it.

10-28-92: Chris Flake of Evansville, Indiana, purchases the car, finishing it's long and winding journey.