We spun around north of Bloomfield Hills this time, and with the coast finally clear, Dave held the pedal to the floor for an uphill jaunt between well-spaced traffic lights. Night wind whistled around the car (though not nearly as bad as some restored Mopars I've been in), and the Third-gear shift found us moving rapidly toward the triple digits. I'll admit I was the first one who finally yelled uncle; after all, these shotgun-seat rides are scary, and the police department in Birmingham would obviously have a field day if we screamed into the city limits this far above the posted speed. Dave laughed it off, and we pulled into a side-street parking space in deserted downtown B-town and Bob and his crew rolled up behind us.

"That guy is crazy," said Jack as he climbed from the 'Cuda shaking his head, looking at Dave a little sideways. "He's nuts!"

That was good for another laugh. We stood around and shot the bull for 15 minutes or so, talking about projects, Bob's tuning secrets, and the upcoming Pure Stock Drags at Mid-Michigan Dragway. It was now approaching 10:30 p.m. and we'd seen enough for one night. Dulcich and I climbed in the Road Runner once again and we eased into the M1 traffic going south one last time.

"Well, what do you guys think?" asked Dave.

"It's pretty cool, man," replied Dulcich. "I mean, this is how it must have been in the old days. I can't believe how many great cars are out here."

"Yeah, there must be a lot of iron in garages around Detroit," I added.

"There is, and some of it gets out here only once a year for the Dream Cruise," said Dave. "Wait until Saturday; you won't be able to move out here."

This Woodward Dream Cruise Weekend was over for us, however. Big birds would be flying us home to see our kin the following day. It didn't matter; there'd been enough cars and people on the street to give us a pretty good idea of what a madhouse Woodward would be like as the week reached its pinnacle. Moreover, the police had already begun closing sections of the road by the time we headed home that night. This wasn't so much due to the crowd as the need to get emergency vehicles in and out of a hospital located down near 11 Mile. Local TV news reports mentioned the shutdown might end up being a regular part of the rest of the week's activities if the crowd increased.

So, that said, would it still be as fun over the upcoming weekend? That's a hard question to answer, but for two ol' boys from out of town, Tuesday evening on Woodward in a '70 Road Runner was enough to put us back into the spirit of the '60s on M1, the expansive road that gave birth to so many legends.