After the car was back together, Phil drove it for a couple of years with the old engine. One night after a car show, he was "fooling around," as he puts it, and the engine came apart. For the rebuild, the engine was given to Simonek Performance Engines in Paterson, New Jersey, where it was opened up .030 inch. SPE also added a 4.150-inch stroker crankshaft to the RB to provide a 493 cubic-inch displacement. Childs & Albert rods help the Wiseco pistons create an 11.25:1 compression, and the large Ultradyne cam pulls fuel through the Indy cylinder heads from the Holley 950 HP perched atop the Indy intake. The engine made 696 hp at 6600 rpm and 661 lb-ft of torque on the dyno. Handling the shift duties for all of that power is a 727 built by Little Falls Transmissions of Little Falls, New Jersey. They filled it with parts such as a Turbo Action valvebody and an 8-inch torque converter from Coan. With the old engine and tranny, the car went 11.10 at 121 mph. Phil hasn't yet had a chance to test the new combo.

He decided to keep the exterior of the car stock-appearing, but needed to go with a '69 Six Pack hood to clear the new induction combo. The blue headlights that were in the car when he found it remain.

Phil would like to thank Ted Wagner for his help and send a special thanks to his family for putting up with him during the build. Couldn't have been that bad Phil, could it?