Of course, finding a '69 Hemi engine was impossible, so we took a hard look at crate motors. After looking at our options, we decided to purchase a brand-new Hemi crate motor from Koller Dodge in Naperville, Illinois. We found an original '69 Hemi intake, carbs, valve covers, and air grabber. These parts were all restored to new condition and placed on the Hemi and into the car.

The rest is history. John Balow delivered my fully restored '69 Plymouth Road Runner to my driveway in October 2001. The result of this project is a high-quality restored automobile that, from my perspective, is much better than what I could have purchased new from a dealer in 1969.

Vital Data
Robert and Sandra Eddy's
'69 Road Runner Convertible
Engine: 426 Hemi crate motor (9:1 compression, hydraulic cam [.495/.480 with 236-degree lift], 170cc chambered heads, 2.25/1.94 valves, electronic ignition, 2-inch exhaust)

Transmission:'69 727 TorqueFlite (11-inch Dynamic converter with 3,000-rpm stall, Transpack shift kit). Rebuilt by Musclecar Restorations

Rear End: Original 831/44 with Sure Grip and 3.23 gears

Interior: Restored to OE specs with parts from Year One