Knowing that power is useless if it won't hook, Mike spent some serious time fine tuning the suspension combo. He started up front with a pair of B-Body 318 torsion bars and a pair of Summit adjustable shocks. To bring up the rear, a pair of MP extra-heavy-duty springs were attached with polyurethane bushings and a pair of shocks from a Chrysler Imperial (for more travel length). Mike admits it may sound simple, but trying to make a stock-looking car hook takes fine-tuning and practice. Since this is a stock car, lightweight wheels and sticky tires are not allowed. Mike chose stamped steel wheels because they're six pounds lighter than Rallye wheels, and the rubber bands on those steel wheels are Goodyear Polyglas repops-not exactly made for launching a car. Even so, Mike manages to pull 60-foot times in the 1.8 range and has tripped the lights to the tune of 12.36 seconds at 111 mph.

Mike has managed to gain a lot of respect in this class for his consistency and ability to launch on those tires. It's simple in design, and Mike is happy with the performance . . . for now. He says he has no plans to step up and be more competitive in the Stock-Appearing class. Mike's content with bashing it out in the Pure Stock races. The performance it has achieved definitely makes this bird a wolf in a sheepskin jacket.