Kevin began the body revitalization process by applying two coats of epoxy primer and four coats of blocking primer. This was followed by four coats of GY1 Curious Yellow and four coats of clear. A two-stage wet-sanding, using 1200 and 1500 grit paper, completed the topcoat redo.

With the Road Runner complete, Kevin set his eye on more than show field fun. As with most Mopar enthusiasts, the true joy of ownership is found behind the wheel. For Kevin, this means participation in such activities as Factory Appearing drag racing.

"I stall at 1,200 rpm," says Kevin, "and when the light turns green, I roll the throttle on." Kevin shifts at 5,800 rpm (redline is 6,200), and he rolls through the traps at 5,600 rpm-and yes, he's the proud owner of a timeslip bearing a 12.20 e.t. at 116 mph.

Such is the joy of a Factory Appearing drag racer. It's a bone-stock resto, which allows purists to admire the quality of workmanship, while the all-out speed freaks can dig the car's ability to get from here to there in a hurry. So, is it a show car or a race car? If you ask Kevin, he'll tell you it does both well. In other words, this Road Runner pulls double duty.