Ignition is a Mopar Performance distributor, a hidden MSD 6AL, plus a Blaster 2 coil. It's already black. You just have to peel the sticker off to make it look stock. Spark travels through Moroso wires with the lettering removed, and NGK plugs put the fire in the hole.

"I don't use any fancy platinum plugs," says Kevin. "The aftermarket ignitions don't seem to like 'em."

The exhaust system retains the stock manifolds, which are extrude honed and port-matched to the heads. Larry and Tim at Auto Muffler in Warren, Michigan, installed the 211/42-inch exhaust and an X-style crossover trailed by Dynomax mufflers. Kevin says, "The car got both faster and quieter after I put the X on." The tips, incidentally, are refinished originals.

Russ Cunhin, Kevin's buddy who works for a local Chrysler dealership, rebuilt the 727 TorqueFlite. An 11-inch, 2500-stall Dynamic converter and a trans cooler with the factory Slap-Stick linkage ensure trouble-free shifts.

Much of the gains made on the "Big B" come from chassis work. Stock elements underneath include the G60-15 Goodyear Polyglas white-letter tires, 15x7 Rallye wheels, the 3.73 gear in the 831/44 rear, and the stock front disc/rear drum-brake setup. Kevin had been running 3.55s, but he says "since porting the heads and extrude honing the exhaust manifolds, it made power higher in the rpm range, so we stepped the gear up a little."

Chassis changes include a set of 90/10 Summit drag shocks up front and Competition Engineering 50/50 shocks in the rear. Both are destickered and painted black. A leaf-spring setup devoid of rear clamps and a rear axle set for a minus-four-degrees pinion angle finish the suspension.

Kevin explains, "It helps a lot when you run stock tires. This lets the rearend rotate more and softens the blow to the tires. It also lets the leaf springs flex more, so you don't have a hard bang on launch that spins the tires. Everything flexes and rolls. You want everything to move a little bit."

This particular Road Runner featured two factory sway bars. After running it with neither in place, some squirrelly top-end braking characteristics became evident, and Kevin reinstalled the front unit.

Inside, Kevin treated the cockpit to a Legendary interior, featuring yellow seat inserts (which never came from the factory). "I just tell everyone that they're prototype pieces," he says. "Production seat inserts were only [available] in red and orange." The original 7,000 rpm tach and factory AM/FM cassette stereo remain. The rest of the interior, including the door panels, dash, and headliner, are all factory-original.

When purchased, the body was straight, although the paint had seen better days. Kevin set about refurbishing it, but that was before its nine-year slumber. "We had the body almost done, but [then] I put it away. Over the years, moving it from storage place to storage place, the body became nicked and chipped, so by the time we got back to it, we had to start over."