The 'Bird paid her dues as a daily driver for 135,000 miles. She now enjoys the life of a pampered cruiser and show car. Joe has covered about 2,000 miles a year since the 'Bird emerged from the Kohr's shop in early May 2004. He tells us the car is a great cruiser and is educating many to what a Superbird is.

On June 18, 2005, Joe took the 'Bird back to Lansdale for the annual "Under The Lights" car show. He wanted to see if anyone might recognize it from her days on the streets of Lansdale. There were a few people who did, and they told Joe several interesting stories of her history. Harry's 'Bird was back and better than ever.

Fast Facts
Joe Medwick, Columbia, PA
'70 Plymouth Superbird
Petty blue, white vinyl top, white accents
440RB stroked to 488 ci, 4.15 stroker MP crank, JE 9.5:1 pistons, Mopar Performance Stage IV cylinder heads, original AVS carburetor, TTI headers
A-833 four-speed manual transmission with late '70s four-speed overdrive transmission internals
Dana 60, 3.54 Sure Grip
Front/Rear: Ralley 15x7, BFGoodrich 235/60/15