Mike needed a gearbox that could handle all the Hemi's power, so a 727 TorqueFlite automatic was built by Cope Racing Transmissions. It was fitted with a Turbo Action 9-inch 4,500-stall torque converter and a Griner manual valvebody. Marrying the automatic to the back wheels is a hefty Dana 60 by Moser with a Richmond spool and 4.10 gears. Stocked with stout Moser axles, the S/S Cragars boil the 15x7 slicks off without much cajoling. Super Stock leaf springs are out back, and the spartan engine compartment is free of power steering or brakes-everything is manual on this street/strip sleeper. Speaking of brakes, Mike had the original 10-inch drums yanked off and replaced with Wilwood discs. Considering a stock '68 GTX came in over 3,900 pounds, this entire package, surprisingly, weighs in at only 4,100 pounds with Mike sitting behind the wheel. Inside the Coronet, the interior is just as "bare as necessary" with a solid front bench facing Auto meter tachometer and gauges, a MSD shiftlight, and the Hurst Pistol Grip Quarter Stick shifter and line lock.

Wrapped up in a meager 12 weeks, the wagon runs on pump-friendly 93 octane. Mike wanted this B-Body wagon to look like a grocery getter, while eating the lunch of any who would second guess it. On more than one occasion, Mike has taken on the unknowing on-comer, which ended in their utter defeat. Mike jokes the wagon makes quick glue out of the neighborhood Mustangs and shines at the strip.

The beefy wagon launches hard, clicking off a 1.50-second 60-foot time and shoots the traps at an all-time best of 11.34 at 114 mph. Mike bemoans the Hemi's desperate need for a tune-up; he swears the wagon's got a solid 10-second ride in it. With all that power, we don't doubt it, and we can't wait to see the timeslip.