Fast Facts: '69 Plymouth Road Runner
Mike Pehanich - Mountain Top, PA

Mopar Power

Engine: The stock 426 Hemi was made with an eight-bolt steel crank, Hemi connecting rods, 10.5:1 compression pistons, and a solid lifter Chrysler camshaft, factory iron heads with original valves, rocker arms, and dual-carburetor intake manifold topped with a pair of AFB Carters. Only a couple of main bearings needed to be replaced nearly 14 years after Mike purchased the Runner in 1970.

Transmission: Never requiring a rebuild, the factory 727 TorqueFlite is exactly how it came from the factory with the original torque converter.

Rearend: Part of the allure of the B-Body was its Dana 60, filled with a Sure Grip differential and 4.10 gears.

Horsepower & Performance: The books say 425 horsepower, but we know better than that, don't we?

Sure Grip

Suspension: Nothing has changed, even the ball joints. Power steering helps heave the wheels left to right underneath the bulk of the weighty elephant. Even the shocks are the same as if it was still the fall of 1968.

Brakes: Power brakes came standard with nearly every Hemi-equipped Mopar. The power discs and drums in back struggle to bring the Road Runner to a screaming halt when decelerating from a hard pull.

Wheels: 15x7-inch Magnum 500 wheels with the factory spinner caps.

Rubber: Replacement Redline Goodyears, G-70s at all four corners.

High Impact

Body: No replacement panels, no bodywork, nada-it's 100-percent original.

Paint: Never repainted, the factory E6 Red paint still looks amazing.

Interior: never replaced or touched up, the interior boasts a Christmas list of goodies that would make a fully-loaded GTX or Charger blush-six-way adjustable bucket seats with adjustable headrests, a woodgrain-topped center console with interior light package, an eight-track stereo and three factory speakers, factory tinted windows with a rear-window defogger, manual Air Grabber underdash lever, and an in-dash tachometer. The only thing missing we could think of would be power windows and air conditioning, though Hemi cars couldn't come with A/C.