Fast Facts: '70 Petrol Dodge Charger Rt
Steve Strope Pure Vision-built * Simi Valley, CA
Mopar Power
Engine: Provided by Mopar Performance, the 472 crate Hemi sports 9:1 compression pistons, a .524-lift hydraulic cam, iron heads on an iron block, and is topped with an aluminum dual-quad intake with a pair of Edelbrock AFB carburetors. Steve had a pair of tti headers installed and backed by a Fast Intentions-built, 3-inch, H-pipe exhaust system and Borla Pro X silencers. A trick pulley system from Billet Specialties with a winding serpentine belt runs off the steel crank.

Transmission: With five gears to pick from, the Tremec five-speed provided by Keisler Automotive makes the Charger less drag racer and more street machine.

Rearend: The Chrysler 831/44 housing is made from all aluminum and features a trick case and 3.55 gears on a Sure Grip, all thanks again to Mopar Performance.

Horsepower & Performance: The catalog says the 472 is good for 525 hp and 540 lb-ft of torque, but we're willing to bet it's closer to 550 hp.

Sure Grip
Suspension: Pure Vision crafted up the boxed lower control arms; custom 3-inch spring relocation perches came from MP; the tubular A-arms came from Magnum Force. A pair of 2-inch Fatman Fabrication drop spindles gives the Charger its stance, as a fast-ratio power-steering box from Firm Feel, a Flaming River tilt column, and Lokar wheel steer the front wheels. A Hotchkis front sway bar and custom-made Eaton leaf springs comprise the rest of the rolling gear.

Brakes: All by Baer, the front discs are 14-inch rotors clamped by a six-piston caliper, while the rear 13-inch rotors get single-piston calipers.

Wheels: Massive Bonspeed 19x9s are upfront and 19x12s plant the tail.

Rubber: Pirelli knows high-speed performance, and their 255/45ZR19s and 345/35ZR19s testify to it.

High Impact
Body: Once a lowly '70 Charger, it's been stripped, cleaned, and blasted free of any oxidation. The rear light panel was swapped with a '68 to give the Petrol Charger a pair of circular taillamps instead of the long, horizontal lights of the '69 and '70. Inside, the factory dash was exchanged with a '71 Charger, adding to the Pure Vision customized look. Steve also added the Petrol logo to the hood-latch brace and the name to the rear valance using custom-made castings from Motorhead Jewelry. Gold Coast Custom tackled the paint and body work, also adding the subframe connectors and massive wheeltubs.

Paint: The black paint looks miles deep, while the Hemi Orange paint wraps around the front bumper and down the entire length of the body to the tail of the Charger between the '68 lamps.

Interior: While all the restoration materials were kept to a minimum, a large quantity of products came from YearOne including the headliner, weather-stripping, and arm rests. The rest, comprising of the door panels, seat covers, and so on, came from Eric Thorsen Custom Upholstery. But what sound the Dynamat coated floorboards fail to block out, the Planet Audio sound system with massive amplifiers and a giant bass box in the trunk will.