Exiting the hot gases are Chrysler high-performance exhaust manifolds, a custom-made and installed dual-exhaust system by Warner's Performance, and Spin Tec mufflers. The sound is thunderous as hot exhaust gases exit the dual, rectangular-shaped, quad exhaust tips; two exiting at the sides of the rear quarter-panels.

The stance of this wagon makes no bones about its purpose. Sitting slightly lower than stock, it stands tall and imposing compared to today's low-slung cars.

Hurst-style wheels from Oasis Alloy Wheels are wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero ultra-high-performance radial tires to lay the rubber down at launch. Further enhancing handling and stability are rebushed sway bars, heavy-duty 440 torsion bars, and a completely refreshed suspension system, both front and rear, that features Eaton Detroit leaf springs and Edelbrock IAS Performer shock absorbers.

Slowing the wagon down from high-speed runs are SSBC high-performance disc brakes that feature 14-inch slotted and vented discs, with three-piston calipers.

Further enhancing the ground-pounding performance is the timeless styling that leaves no question as to what year and brand of vehicle it is, unlike today's generic, appliance-like, front-wheel-drive cars. This Plymouth wagon beckons you to pack your bags, fill up a large cooler with your favorite refreshments, and get ready to go cruising in style.

Fast Facts: '68 Sport Satellite Wagon
Larry Weiner • Bonsall, CA
Mopar Power
Engine: Larry began with a standard bore 440 block, and then gave it to Van Gordon Racing in Upland, California, where they opened it .040 inches and filled the holes with Speed Pro 9.8:1 pistons mounted to stock Chrysler rods and crankshaft. it sounds like a simple build, but it works. The Comp hydraulic cam features .470 inch of lift, and the duration comes in at a mild 224 degrees at .050 inch. That's just enough for a mild street cruiser. Finishing it off is the Six Pack intake and stock exhaust manifolds.

Transmission: if you plan on bangin' gears, it doesn't matter what body style you have, an 833 is a must. This one uses an 11-inch clutch and a Competition Plus shifter.

Rearend: A Chrysler 8-3/4 Sure Grip with street-friendly 3.23 gears make for a nice drive.

Horsepower and Performance: Does it really matter? It's a wagon, not a race car. It has some horsepower and performs like it should.

Sure Grip
Suspension: Up front, the torsion bars lower the car 3 inches, while lowering springs and blocks drop the rear almost 4 inches.

Brakes: Stainless Steel Brakes' four-wheel disc brakes bring the hefty hauler to a stop.

Wheels: Giving the appearance of a modern driver, the Oasis wheels measure 18x7 inches up front and 18x8-inches on the rear.

Rubber: not so standard 235/50/18 and 255/55/18 comprise the wagon's rubbers.

High Impact
Body: All we can say is big, with a fiberglass hood.

Paint: all that sheetmetal is covered with Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes hue of B-5 Blue, applied by Mike Face Custom Painting in San Bernardino, California.

Interior: The seats are recovered in Pearl White leather by Katzkin Leather, and the headliner is custom-made by Katzkin. When it came time for the door panels, Katzkin also supplied pearl White vinyl to match the leather on the seats. The door panels are sewn in a pattern that resembles GTX door panels.