Fast Facts: '70 Dodge Coronet
Scott and Missy Sprague • Pittsburgh, PA
Mopar Power
Engine: Scott and Jim Pranis started with a 440 block and opened it up to 493 inches. The pistons are from Ross; with the Performer RPM heads, the final compression ratio is 11.3:1. The rods are from Scat, and the 4.15-inch crankshaft is from Eagle. There's a Comp Cams solid-lifter stick with .607/.630-inch lift, and the duration comes in at an advertised .263/.271-degrees. Feeding it all the fuel it needs is a Victor intake and 850 Holley.

Transmission: This one packs a Jim Pranis-built 727 using parts from Turbo Action.

Rearend: Scott knew it was going to take a heavy-duty rear to survive the abuse the 493 was going to deliver, so an 8-3/4 with a Sure Grip, Strange axles, and 4.56 gears are supported by the Super Stock springs.

Horsepower & Performance: Horsepower is unknown, but propelling a heavy B-Body down the track in under 11-seconds takes a lot. Scott's best quarter-mile e.t. to date is 10.95 at 120 mph.

Sure Grip
Suspension: Super Stock springs with Monroe coilover shocks support the back, and the factory torsion bars and Summit Racing Equipment 90/10 shocks are up front.

Brakes: The 10-inch drum brakes on all four corners make stopping the Coronet an event after each blast.

Wheels: Weld racing Pro Stars are used, measuring 15x3 up front and 15x10 on the rear.

Rubber: Tires are 215/75 15 street radials on the front; 29x11.50x15 Hoosiers help the rear hook.

High Impact
Body: it could be a Super Bee, but this base-model Coronet can hold its own. The only part of this B-Body that shows its true nature is the fiberglass hoodscoop.

Paint: Todd Mckillop painted it Electric Lime Green. with the help of friends Bill and Jim, the bodywork only took two months.

Interior: This is a street car, so you know it's got to be comfortable for those 400-mile roundtrips to the Mopar Nationals. Legendary Auto Interiors was chosen for the new seat skins, but the rest of the interior is factory original, except for the six-point rollbar, the Kenwood stereo, the additional gauges, and the racing seatbelt harness.