Fast Facts
'68 Dodge Charger
Nick Suckow
Dallas, WI

Mopar Power
Engine: Vintage iron-block Hemi fed by a BDS blower and BDS electronic fuel injection. It's under-driven to tame it down for everyday driving. The 8.0:1 compression ratio allows it to run on 92 octane pump gas. Dual Paxton fuel pumps guarantee it will never lean out on the top end.

Transmission: Hemi four-speed. What else?

Rearend: A 4.56-geared Dana 60 held in place by an Art Morrison four-link with a panard bar.

Horsepower & performance: About 600 hp in its present under-driven tune. Just a quick pulley swap would add significant power, but the big MTs out back are already completely overwhelmed. Nick has no plans at this time to race his Charger.

Sure Grip
Suspension: Stock up front. Art Morrison coilover four-link in the rear.

Brakes: Four-wheel power discs.

Wheels and tires: Center Lines with Mickey Thompson 33x19.5x 15 Sportsmans in the rear.

High Impact
Body: Exterior has been restored to original. Except for the wheeltubs, it has been left alone.

Interior: Full cage with swing-out side bars; gray leather seats; traditional tubbing upholstery; Simpson Platinum five-point harness.