Fast Facts
'69 Plymouth Road Runner Hardtop

Keith & Deb Shue
East Berlin, PA

Mopar Power
Engine: A 383ci Chrysler "B" engine, originally built at Chrysler's Mound Road Engine Plant, Detroit, Michigan. Completely rebuilt by Dave Leonard, York, Pennsylvania. Underhood accessories and decals by YearOne.

Transmissioin: Chrysler A-833 four-speed with OEM Hurst shifter. Rebuilt by Dave Leonard, York, Pennsylvania.

Rearend: Chrysler 8 3/4 rearend. Rebuilt by Dave Leonard, York, Pennsylvania. (Dave was a busy guy. -Ed.)

Sure Grip
Suspension: Factory stock.

Brakes: Factory stock drums.

Wheels: Reproduction W23 "recall" cast-aluminum road wheels sourced from Specialty Wheels Ltd.

High ImpactBody: Intact pieces of original Unitbody (firewall, roof panel, left door, side and rear framerails) combined with restoration floorpan, trunk floor, quarter-panels, front fenders, hood, right- side door, and so on sourced from Harden's and Auto Body Specialties. (Other pieces of original Unitbody were beyond saving and scrapped after removal.) Sheetmetal work by Terry's Rod Shop, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

Paint: preparation by owner. Paint (in original red) sourced from PPG and sprayed on by owner.

Interior: Original black bucket seats-with-console interior replicated by Legendary Auto Interiors and installed by owner.