Alan's done a fair amount of show-going with his '69, including the Chrysler Classics and at least one Mopar Nationals. Right now, his show plans for 2008 are up in the air. "I'm not sure what my schedule's going to be this year," he says. "Two years ago, I had both of my cars out on the circuit quite a bit."

Alan's A12-equipped '69 Road Runner and his FK5 Deep Burnt Orange Metallic '70 with an Air Grabber-fed 383, 727, and steel wheels with bias-plys and hubcaps make for quite a garage full at his Sidney, Ohio, home. Ohio is a state that allows you to display "year of manufacture" plates on vintage rides-some new plumage this Bird may be wearing if you see it at an upcoming Mopar Nationals or a Chrysler Classic event.

Fast Facts
'69 Plymouth Road Runner Coupe with A12 440 Six Barrel option
Alan Fincik
Sidney, OH

Mopar Power

  • Engine: The heart of the A12 option package-Ma Mopar's 440 Magnum, upgraded with three Holley two-barrels on an Edelbrock aluminum intake. This engine isn't the original one, but it's got the correct date codes (and parts in and on it) for 1969, and it's built to run on today's pump gas.
  • Transmission: A12 buyers had the choice of a column-shifted 727 or the Hurst-shifted A-833. This car's original owner picked the four-speed when he ordered it.
  • Rearend: The same setup that it came from Lynch Road with: Dana 60 with a 4.10-geared Sure Grip differential, which dragstrip owners loved then (and now) because they seldom, if ever, burped up broken internal parts.
  • Sure Grip

  • Suspension: (Front) HD longitudinal torsion bars and HD shocks; (Rear) HD rear leaf springs and shocks.
  • Brakes: 11-inch drums all around, with power assist courtesy of your right leg muscles.
  • Wheels: 15x6-inch steel wheels with G70-15 Goodyears, as from the factory. You want wheel trim? Paint it on yourself!
  • High Impact

  • Body: Original '69 B-Body coupe unibody assembly, with OEM pin-on fiberglass hood. Restoration by Chuck Kuhn, Columbus, Ohio.
  • Paint: Orange (Code 999), sprayed on by Chuck Kuhn, Columbus, Ohio.
  • Interior: You want plush in a '69 Plymouth? We have three words for you: VIP. Meanwhile, there's a restored, stock Road Runner, pleated, black-vinyl bench seat interior here.
  • The Clincher
    '69 Road Runner 440 Six Barrel production figures (courtesy

  • Coupe: 615 (388 four-speeds, 227 727s) out of a total 33,743 coupes.
  • Hardtop: 797 (422 four-speeds, 375 727s) out of a total 48,549 hardtops.
  • Total: 1,412 out of total production of 84,500 '69 Road Runners.