While the elements have taken their toll on this Plymouth, and the original Max Wedge engine has been replaced by a 383, this car is otherwise complete and virtually untouched. All the factory aluminum front-end components are intact, as is the interior that includes heater and radio-delete options. Though the 426 engine is missing, the original four-speed transmission and the upswept performance exhaust manifolds are still in place.

Since finding the Plymouth, Mike has cleaned it up and put it inside for safe keeping. He plans to research the car's history and will attempt to track down the original engine. even if that endeavor is unsuccessful, he still plans a full restoration of this rare, original, factory race car.

We thank Mike for sharing his rare find with us and encourage our readers not to give up hope. Mike's Plymouth proves that rare finds are still out there; it just might take a little more effort to get them these days.