Dodge also built the original A-990 cars without heaters or radios. Ebay was the source for the original radio-delete panel, and Special T's Unlimited provided the rare heater-delete panel and refinished the chrome on the original instrument cluster. An era-correct, original, one-piece Sun Super tach was also found on eBay. It's mounted on top of the instrument panel, '65 style. No heater meant that there was no need for the blower switch so Chrysler engineers deleted it from the production A-990 cars. To cover the hole, they added a small plug. Goldberg found a similar plug at the local hardware store. Kramer provided the carpet and rear panel that covers the area normally occupied by the rear seatback.

Starting in 1963, Chrysler engineers relocated the batteries to the trunk on Super Stock cars, which helped with balance and traction. In 1965, Chrysler similarly relocated the battery on all its Dodge and Plymouth A-990 cars. In addition to relocating, they added the largest battery they could find. Kramer makes a complete relocation kit that includes the battery tray and all the heavy-duty cables required. Originally, Chrysler simply routed the positive cable over the top of the trunk mat and then under the carpet, exiting through the firewall. This routing was rather random and not very elegant. The positive cable that Kramer provided was long enough to be routed neatly across the inside of the rear taillight panel, and up and over the left wheelhouse, then along the sill plate to the firewall. Kramer also offers a small terminal block similar to the one Chrysler originally installed on the A-990 cars. It mounts on the lefthand wheelhouse and allows the installation of a shorter positive cable to be attached to the starter.

Wheels And Stance
The photo of Richard Schroder's original A-990 was again looked at to establish the wheel/tire combination and stance. The wheels on Schroder's car are American five-spoke sans center caps. Goldberg selected 6-inch-wide American Torq-Thrust wheels for the front and 7-inchers for the rear. Just as on Schroder's car, the center caps were left off. Because this car is designed to be driven, Goldberg selected radial tires: fronts are 205/75-15; rears are BFG 275/60-15. Because of the large rear wheelhouse (even without mini-tubs) it's easy to "over" tire the rear of the '65 B-Body, thereby skewing the car's proportions.

Other small items gleaned from the vintage photo include the absence of a sideview mirror and driver-side windshield wiper. These cars were only fitted with one wiper, but most racers removed it, and so did Goldberg. The stance on Schroder's car is slightly nose high, typical of the super stock cars of the era.