Fast Facts
'69 M-code A12 Road Runner
Tony D'Agostino
Harrington, Delaware

Mopar Power

  • Engine: Numbers-matching 440/390-horse blaster. On this OEM package, they are standard 440 high-performance units with special chromed valves.
  • Fuel, Air, Spark: Taking a page from the Corvette guys, this was a brutal, big displacement engine featuring three Holley deuces with vacuum-secondary operation. Hand-selected parts went into the bottom end, though these were not the heavier parts used in the '70-'71 engines. Under full throttle, you'd believe the scoop was going to suck up mailboxes, stray cats, and anything else in the vicinity. Ignition of the fire comes from a factory Prestolite dual-point distributor.
  • Transmission: "Mr. Bulletproof" A833 New Process Hemi-style crash box
  • Rearend: A12 Dana 60 with standard 4.10 and 11-inch drum brakes.

High Impact

  • Paint: Y2 Sunfire Yellow. Hey, but everything else about it says "arrest me."
  • Interior: These things were built to go fast, not joy ride. It's got a front bench, no console, floor shift Hurst, AM radio, and enough room in the back seat to get in a lot of trouble at the local drive-in movies.

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: Tony acquired all NOS stuff, including a set of original '69 shocks.
  • Rims and Rubber: NOS OE Goodyear Polyglas redlines on factory steel rims with the correct dimpled lugs nuts.
  • Shout Out: Steve Juliano for "trick stuff," painter/bodyman Mike Hall, wife Cindy (co-engine assembler and moral support), and my dad and son (both named Robert) for keeping Mopar in the family.