Check out video of the photoshoot and hear this legendary car rumble here.

Fast Facts
'71 Plymouth Road Runner (NASCAR Grand National Stock Car)
Built by Petty Enterprises, Level Cross, North Carolina
Owned by: Todd Werner, St. Petersburg, Florida

Mopar Power
Engine: What's better than a Hemi? How about a restored 426 Race Hemi? Instead of two four-barrels, there's one big four-barrel atop a hand-fabricated intake.

Transmission: A-833 four-speed with Hurst shifter. That was easy.

Rearend: Let's see...Race Hemi, NASCAR application...that means an 8 3/4-inch Mopar rear, instead of the heavier Dana 60. Plus, its removable pumpkin meant the rear gears could be changed for each track at the track.

Sure Grip
Suspension: (Front) Torsion bar with reinforced A-arms and dual shock at each corner (Rear) Leaf springs with tubular shocks at each corner

Brakes: Old school drums-and-shoes at each corner.

Wheels & Tires: 15x8-inch steel wheels wear a set of 800x8.20-15 Goodyear Blue Streak Stock Car Specials.

High Impact
Body: '71 Plymouth B-Body hardtop body-in-white (bare unibody plus doors, hood, decklid and bumpers), with mesh grille, blocked-off head/taillight openings, and aero covers on the leading edges of the rear bumper.

Paint: What else? Petty Blue. Sponsor markings and contingency decals are identical to those on the car when it won the '71 Daytona 500.

Interior: A seat, a padded steering wheel, a shifter, a set of gauges, a full rollcage-and not much else. Full six-point safety harness and window netting as mandated by NASCAR.