The Cause Behind The Car
The Darrell Gwynn Foundation

When the Bill Goldberg-inspired, YearOne-built '70 Superbird tribute crossed the auction block at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale event this past January, it not only drew attention because of who inspired it, who built it, and what went in it, but also for the good cause that the car's sale was benefitting: The Darrell Gwynn Foundation.

Back in 1990, Darrell Gwynn was at the top of his game as a Top Fuel Dragster driver in NHRA's Winston Drag Racing Series. Then, on a test run in England, Darrell was left paralyzed after his dragster crashed at nearly 300 mph.

Before that crash, Darrell had selected The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis as his personal charity, and had been raising funds for that organization--and he'd added their logos to his race car.

Since then, his compassion for those with spinal cord injuries has grown, leading him to create the Darrell Gwynn Foundation in 2002. Its goal: To prevent, provide for, and ultimately cure spinal cord injuries and other debilitating spinal-cord-related illnesses.

The Foundation's website ( details how it helps improve the quality of life for those already afflicted with injury or illness by providing necessary equipment or special services. You'll also see how the Foundation assists in the funding of targeted research (in hopes of expediting specific cures), and you'll also see its dedication to injury prevention, with a special emphasis on programs aimed at children.

"I have learned that hope, encouragement and determination aided by education, are among the keys in creating a meaningful, satisfying life despite physical obstacles," Darrell says on the Foundation's website. "I have a wonderful family and an amazing collection of friends and business associates who share my commitment to build a better future for those with spinal cord injuries and other central nervous system disorders. Significantly, there has never been a time of more important and promising research to find a cure for spinal cord paralysis then right now."

The $501,000 raised by the 'Bird's sale (and an additional $176,000 pledged to the Foundation during the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale weekend) will go a LONG way toward funding spinal-cord research and improving the quality of life of those with spinal cord injuries or central nervous system disorders.