Upon arriving, Matt quickly made his trade and loaded the car onto his trailer for the trip home. Though the car was pretty rusty and had been hit in the right quarter-panel, it was a complete car and the frames were all solid, making it a good candidate for restoration. Having traded about $500 worth of parts for the entire vehicle, Matt says he'll have plenty of budget left for new floors, trunk floor, and quarter-panels. The front clip, doors, roof, and trunk lid are all pretty solid, making this Charger worth more in parts than Matt paid for the entire vehicle. Aside from the rust, Matt found the car to be complete right down to the fender tag (that was in the glovebox) and a buildsheet still stuck in the rear seat springs. As a 318 car, Matt feels the car is a great candidate for modification, and is considering a 440 swap or even building a General Lee clone with it. Ye-haw! Matt, and congratulations on your rare find.