Michael Czechowski's Dart Swinger has come a long way.By looking at Michael L. Czechowski Jr.'s Dart Swinger you might say to yourself, "He's got a long way to go." Well that thought has certainly crossed his mind more than once, and you have to appreciate the determination Michael has had. His aspirations are high, and he's very optimistic about his A-Body as he's already made it very deep into his at-home rebuild with his father.

When Michael first got his car, it appeared to be in good condition. "Upon close inspection, and taking the car apart, I found there were plenty of problems with the car," he recalls. The motor was running but it smoked. The transmission was slipping, the interior was poorly "pseudo" restored, and the body needed work. Suddenly this great deal turned into a full-on project vehicle.

His Swinger came from the factory with maroon paint, a white interior, and vinyl top. A 318 backed by a 904 transmission sat under the hood and was connected to an 81/4-inch rear end. When he picked the car up, it had been patched up with body filler and sprayed in yellow. The interior was painted black and was faded. To make matters worse, the passenger side floor was rusted through, but the new carpet was glued down, giving it the false feeling that it was solid. Let's not forget that the wiring was fried.

Since they have purchased the car, Michael and his father have re-covered the seats, welded in new quarter-panels and floors, and painted the body Electric Lime Green with a black stripe. They changed the rear end of the body from '74 taillights and bumper to a '73 setup. Up front, a Six-Pack hoodscoop was installed. Work continued under the car with new steel being welded to the eroded framerails, and they rebuilt the suspension. They also sourced an 83/4-inch rear from his father's Road Runner.

Next on the agenda is to install a freshened up 318 Magnum bolted to a 727 transmission. For the wheels, he's going with a set of aluminum slots that his father gave him from his Road Runner. He would like to install headers with a pair of Cherry Bomb mufflers with side exit tips and front and rear spoilers. It sounds like Michael knows what he wants with his Dart Swinger and is well on his way to building it. He's brought the car a long way and he's determined to get it finished.

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