Fast Facts

’70 Plymouth Superbird
Owned by: Gary Fairchild,
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Mopar Power

  • Engine: Not what you expect when you hear the term standard engine. Ma Mopar’s 440 Magnum, restored to fresh-from-the-Mound Road Engine Plant condition by Gary and Badman Engine & Machine, Selingsgrove, PA. Additions include a Mopar Performance flat-tappet hydraulic camshaft, hardened exhaust-valve seats, and a set of .030-inch-over TRW pistons.
  • Transmission: You had two gearbox choices with the Superbird (727 or A-833), and Gary’s has the column-shifted 727, rebuilt by Milltown Transmisison, Milton, PA. Gary got rid of a Hurst Auto/Stick floor shifter and put the PRND21 back on the column. Rearend: The same one that the Pettys used in their Superbirds--the 8-incher that came with the factory Performance Axle Package, which on this car included a 3.55-geared Sure Grip differential.

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: (Front) Longitudinal heavy-duty torsion bars, unequal-length A-Arms and tubular shocks with a front anti-sway bar (Rear) Mopar Performance Super Stock leaf springs and tubular shocks
  • Brakes: Restored OEM front disc/rear drum brakes, power-assisted.
  • Wheels and Tires: Five-spoke chrome 14x5-inch Magnum 500 wheels wear F70-14 Goodyear Polyglas bias-belted tires

High Impact

  • Body: Original ’70 Plymouth B-Body two-door unibody didn’t need any major rust or crash repair to restore it to its Superbird glory. Vinyl top on car is the original one that went on at Lynch Road Assembly.
  • Paint: What else? One of the High Impact colors from ’70--EV2 TorRed, sprayed on in basecoat/clearcoat form by Larry Sholly at Larry’s Auto Body, Watsontown, Pennsylvania.
  • Interior: Front and rear bench seats wear their original covers, while a new Legendary carpet graces the ’Bird’s cabin.