That meant having much of the chrome trim-what there is of it-replated, and doing other work to make the car look factory fresh. In all, it took a couple of years to get his car in the shape you see it here. He tells us that he's got another Coronet R/T that's taking much longer. "I have a '69 Coronet R/T that I've been restoring for about 14 years," Phil says. "On that one, I'm doing a complete, rotisserie restoration. I've gone way too far with it already, and that's probably why it's not done. It's almost the exact opposite of my '67 because it was from northeastern Pennsylvania." He adds this about his '69, with a big laugh: "I replaced the framerails on it. I wouldn't wish that onto anybody! I realize now how so many projects get started but never finished."

But his '67 is finished, and it's as good a driver as it is a looker. "The car drives nice," Phil says with a bit of understatement.

It's also a magnet for Mopar folks whenever he shows it. "It amazes me, because people always walk up to the car and ask what the color is, and I say, 'Turbine Bronze.'" Phil adds, "It's a unique car because of that. It pops. It's a neat color and it takes you back."

When he's gone back to the Mopar Nationals with this car, Phil has seen other '67 Coronet R/Ts, but few other MM1 hued rides. "Of the ones that I have seen, none of them are this color," he says. "I've only seen two other '67 R/T hardtops over the years that are this color, and neither one of them had a black vinyl top."

Phil's advice for anyone planning a Mopar project, B-Body or otherwise, is advice you'd expect from someone whose Mopar passion was stoked while living in a harsh climate: "Find the most solid car that you can start with before you get into it."

Fast Facts:

1967 Dodge Coronet R/T hardtop
Owned by: Phil Domin, Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Mopar Power

  • Engine: The original numbers-matching 440 Magnum (with "915" heads), updated with an Edelbrock four-barrel, Mopar electronic ignition, MSD coil, and Flowmaster mufflers.
  • Transmission: The same console-shifted 727 Torqueflite that it was built with.
  • Rearend: The original 8-3/4-inch with a 3.23-geared Sure Grip.

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: Restored original '67 R/T: (Front) Heavy-duty longitudinal torsion bars and tubular shocks with an anti-sway bar. (Rear) Heavy-duty leaf springs with tubular shocks
  • Brakes: Restored original heavy-duty power-assisted drum-and shoe brakes, with 11-inch drums all around.
  • Wheels and Tires: 14 x 6-inch 5-spoke "Magnum 500" wheels ride on modern-tech 225/70R14 BFGoodrich Radial TAs instead of the original bias-plies.

High Impact

  • Body: Original '67 Dodge B-Body hardtop unibody--no replacement sheetmetal (or vinyl top) here.
  • Paint: One repaint in the original MM1 Turbine Bronze acrylic enamel.
  • Interior: 90-percent original, with the OEM '67 R/T front buckets/rear bench, console and woodgrain steering wheel.