Since Furys never came with 426s, certain items needed to be fabricated. Along those lines, Kevin Warner of Warner Automotive in Winchester, Kentucky, had to hand-fabricate a set of long-tube custom headers that would send the gases down a set of 3-inch pipes through a pair of Dynomax Super Hemi Turbo mufflers out the rear. Larry Farmer of Lexington, Kentucky, rebuilt the 727 TorqueFlite to handle the hard-breathing Hemi and to survive pushing all that sheetmetal down the road. Larry's assistance was essential to the build as his efforts to install subframe connectors and fabricate an 8-quart oil pan were much needed. A 2,800-stall torque converter was bolted on as the auto got a Turbo Action Cheetah fully automatic valvebody, Kevlar bands, Red clutches, 4.2 KD bolt-in sprag, and a Hemi governor-all thanks to John Cope at Cope Racing Transmissions.

The interior was the last to be done. a custom air-conditioning system by Classic Auto Air (which was mocked up on a faux Hemi block), new carpet, and a headliner by Troy Hensley of Custom Auto Trim in Richmond, Kentucky, were installed. Troy recovered all the seats, fitting the material to nearly factory perfection, with the paisley remnants used on both bench seats. Some signs of a modern influence are the Grant steering wheel, the Pioneer CD player with Custom Auto Sound speakers tucked neatly in all the stock locations, and three-point retractable seatbelts.

The last hurrah was the police-issue steel rims on Mastercraft 15-inch rubber. The freeway flyer 3.23 gears spin smoothly in the 8-3/4 differential without a worry. The '73 Fury disc brakes were installed up front with rebuilt stock drums in back, and Espo heavy-duty leaf springs support the rear.

Just for fun, Butch marked everything to match original assembly line grease marks. With less than a day left before the 25th annual Mopar Nationals, and with his friends, Larry and Bobby, pitching in on the build, the Fury was finally finished. Butch had nearly zero time to really break-in the car before we spotted him on the show grounds. We'd say his timing was perfect.

Fast Facts
Butch Houghton, Nicholasville, KY
'70 Plymouth Fury
T8 Walnut Metallic
472 Hemi, 4.15-inch stroker crank, 6.86 steel I-beam Manley rods, 10.6:1 Ross pistons, hydraulic .565 Straightline Performance camshaft, MP aluminum heads, PEP stainless valves, Comp Cams valvesprings, MP rockers, MP M1 single plane intake, Edelbrock 800 Thunder carburetor
727 TorqueFlite, automatic, 2,800-stall torque converter, Turbo Action Cheetah fully automatic valvebody, Kevlar bands, Red clutches, 4.2 KD bolt-in sprag, Hemi governor
8-3/4 diff., 3.23 Sure Grip
Front: Police Interceptor steel 15x7, Mastercraft 235/70/15,
Police Interceptor steel 15x7; Mastercraft 275/70/15