The engine had been well-maintained during its 45,000 miles of use, and, as a result, it still sports its factory bore specs.

The rest of the internals were also left original, with the only exception being a hydraulic cam and lifters, though they have the factory grind. The only thing missing from the car when Billy bought it in 1974 was the factory exhaust system-headers had found their way under the hood. However, a pair of OE iron manifolds are now back in place. An interesting detail on the car is that it's build sheet has a scheduled build date of February 1971 (2/71), however, the original door sticker had a date of 5/71. It would have been pretty easy to get a "5" in place of a "2" and was most likely a simple typo. Because it was found like that, it was put back the way it came.

Billy doesn't plan on selling the car anytime soon, and it keeps good company with his other nine Hemi cars which include a '70 'Cuda; '71 Challenger; four '67 Mopars-a Charger, a Belvedere, a Coronet and a Coronet R/T; a pair of '68s-a GTX and a Road Runner; and a '69 Road Runner. On top of that list, he also has his record-holding '68 Pro Mod Barracuda raced in IHRA competition. We'd love to hear the stories attached to these Mopars, but it's best that we don't-it would probably make us sick!