Rance Baxter of Rance Fuel Injection received the Indy intake, which was drilled to accept the direct port EFI system, and provided a base fuel map developed from another Hemi Rance had built, although that one was for a 426 cid engine. Once the EFI setup was completed and installed, Matt took the car to Norwood Autocraft in Dallas so the 'Cuda could be chassis dynoed in order to make the wide open throttle adjustments with the four-speed tranny. The results were right on the mark. The fuel-injected Hemi was able to achieve 480-500 lb/ft of torque in the 2,800-3,000 rpm range-an output Hemis typically don't see until around 4,000 rpm.

With the WOT settings established, Matt is now able to customize his EFI system to meet specific driving conditions via a laptop computer that plugs into an on-board port located in the dash.

Matt's original goal was to see how fast he could make his 'Cuda while retaining streetability and still have reliable transportation. Mission accomplished. This way-out 'Cuda not only makes a healthy 500 horsepower (which he says is restricted due to the 1000 cfm throttle body), it is frequently driven throughout the Shreveport area, and Matt doesn't hesitate to take it on long interstate hauls. He reports that the car averages around 14 mpg around town, and 15 mpg on the highway. As for quarter-mile performance, how does 11.67 at 119 mph on street tires sound?

A streetable Hemi? That...and a whole lot more. Just goes to show what can happen when high tech meets vintage iron.