Forward-Look '56 Fitted With Early Hemi Power

"It came from Indiana, and it's my understanding that it was a 1/4-mile racer at one time."--Bob Garman

Fast Facts
1956 Plymouth Fury
Owned by: Bob Garman, Oak Hills, California

Mopar Power:

  • Engine: If the original 240-hp 303-cubic-inch Poly was good enough, the 392-inch Chrysler Hemi that's under the hood now is even better.
  • Transmission: The original two-speed PowerFlite automatic, which Ma Mopar also used in Hemi-powered '56 Chryslers.
  • Rearend: A previous owner swapped the original one for a later 8 3/4-inch one, which Bob updated with a 3.23 rear gear set replacing the 3.94s that were there when he bought it.

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: Just like in '56: Front kingpins/coil springs and rear leafs. ('56 was the last year before front torsion bars went in company-wide.)
  • Brakes: OEM 11-inch drums gave way to modern four-wheel discs.
  • Wheels and Tires: Instead of the stock 15 x 5 1/2-inch wheels (and wheel covers shared with the '56 De Soto Adventurer) and bias-ply tires, Bob's Fury wears billet Budnik wheels on each corner, shod with 70-series Nitto radial-ply tires.

High Impact:

  • Body: Original '56 Plymouth two-door hardtop body had crash damage repaired before new or better-condition chrome and gold-anodized lauminum trim went on.
  • Paint: Eggshell White, the same color that all '56-'58 Furys came in.
  • Interior: "Chair high" seats now wear leather with original-style "Jacquard weave" cloth inserts. Dash features full instrumentation, including 0-6000 rpm tach, plus a Mercury air conditioner under the dash.