OK, so it's got a killer driveline; what about the interior? The quality keeps on coming, with hand-formed, double-walled insulated aluminum pieces used to keep that hot Hemi from roasting the occupants. An overhead console houses the operational switches, and accessories include (get this) a Vintage Air A/C unit under the dash, power windows and door locks, and a 5-pound Firefox fire system aimed at the engine. A pair of Optima batteries resides in the trunk to power all this stuff, including a data acquisition system; the car also retains functional lights and turn signals and is street legal. In addition to the headliner and seat covers, floor mats that can be easily removed are in place to keep the aluminum in perfect shape. Creative Auto Tops gets credit for much of the interior's upholstery work. Finally, an SFI 25.1D spec cage makes the car legal for just about anything short of Pro Mod.

So, in the end, even those of us who try to keep things a little sane are impressed-EFI supercharged Hemi engine, high-visibility E-Body, street legal, numerous customized and fabricated pieces, a magnificent paint job, and power everything on the inside. It begs just one question-can you top this?