In 1998, Karl's uncle Sam again gave him a ride to strange lands. This time Karl went to Germany, Bosnia, and Kosova. Since he was going to be gone for 3 years, automotive collector Frank Badalson kept Karl's car in safe storage.

In 2001, Karl returned to pick up the restoration process. The car was taken to Roger Gibson Restorations in Scott City, Missouri, and the task of a concours correct restoration began. The body was completely disassembled, all the parts bagged and tagged, and the sheetmetal sent out to be stripped of any paint and body filler. Since Karl did his homework before the purchase, everything was in good condition. The suspension was rebuilt using as many N.O.S. parts as possible. The rear end was refurbished, repainted, and even given the factory markings on the housing.

The engine was original and was given only the required machining to make it as good as factory new. remember the carbs Karl carried on the plane? They now found a home on the big Hemi. The exhaust, including the hangers, mufflers, resonators, and tips, are correct N.O.S. pieces. It's definitely a concours-correct restoration. Everything that could be reinstalled on the car for originality sake was, and items that needed replaced were swapped for N.O.S. parts. It took Karl 9 years to finally get his Challenger the way he wanted it, but thanks to his patience and the talent of Roger Gibson Restorations, the plan came together, and this Challenger was definitely worth the wait.

Fast Facts
Owner: Karl Ginter, Frederick, Maryland
Body: '70 Challenger
Color: Hemi Orange (Sikkens)
Engine: 426 Hemi rebuilt to stock specs
Transmission: A-833 four-speed
Rearend: Dana 60 with Sure Grip and 4.10 gears (Super Track Pack)
Front: 15x7 Rallye wheels with F60-15 Polyglas tires
Rear: 15x7 Rallye wheels with F60-15 Polyglas tires

N.O.S. partsWoodgrain steering wheel, vinyl top, grille, bezels, headlamps, mufflers, resonators, exhaust hangers, tips, all lenses, side markers, carbs, power steering, brake booster and master cylinder, all chassis components and ball joints, shocks, center caps, wiper arms, belts, spark plug wires, distributor, alternator, brake drums, shock plates, rotors, trunk mat, and the list goes on.