Later, a chance encounter at a local burger stand would reunite Dave and Cindy with one of the previous owners who had conducted most of the restoration back in 1982.

As Dave began tooling on the car, he discovered it was originally a FC7 Violet car, but after hours of sanding, buffing, and detailing, the DuPont red glistened like it had when it was applied twenty years ago. Dave continued the endeavor, restoring the aesthetics of the 'Cuda's interior by installing a center console and having Denver's Auto Weave Upholstery return the E-Body's seats and other interior accommodations to its former glory. Dave also installed rocker moldings, body spoilers, and the quarter billboard decals, all of which were originally optioned on this dual fender-tagged 'Cuda. As a trick, Dave ordered an AAR Quality Fiberglass hood, but had the Shaker scoop incorporated into the hood, customizing the air induction into the single carb.

Dave shelved the original 340 small-block, wanting to wedge an elephant between the fenders. Fortunately, Dave's vocation as a machinist and fabricator for Winberg Crankshafts in Denver gave him the skill to custom shape a 70-pound, Top-Fuel 4.150-stroked crankshaft from a 350-pound chunk of billet steel. Intending to build his engine around the custom crank, Dave struggled to nail down a lead on a Mopar Performance block. Finally, Dave chose to order a 4.253-bore block from Westoaks Dodge in California, and have it shipped three states over. After several phone calls to Indy Cylinder Head, Dave had his top end. Finally, a top end was mated with a Racer Brown sold camshaft to finish the final assembly. All told, the displacement of the Hemi totaled up to 472 ci.

Dave chose the affordable route and built the 8-3/4 rear with Richmond 3.91 cogs and Strange axles. The original four-speed gearbox didn't need much with its Hurst Pistol Grip shifter to mate up to the big breathing Hemi. Dave went with tti headers through Flowmaster mufflers to tunnel all the exhaust out the rear. This 'Cuda was designed for show as well as go, and its list of go-fast goodies testifies to it.

The Pinneys show the 'Cuda at local shows and at the annual Mopars at the Strip show (which is where we found Dave and Cindy for this photo shoot), but where this E-Body shows its true colors is on the 1320, where Dave has clicked off a 12.20 quarter-mile time at 109 mph at a staggering 5,400 feet above sea level!