Some of you are saying, "Haven't we seen a new-generation Hemi in a Challenger before?" well, yes you have, but David Weber of Martinsville, Virginia, came up with another version. he had a lot of help, which included restoration and fabrication work by Henry County Rods (HCR) shop, who brought David's rusted 20th century E-Body into this century with new Goodmark quarters, plus custom-fabricated torque boxes, subframe connectors, and fuel tank, along with metal finishing and paint prep before the DuPont Pearl White-with-silver-R/T-stripes color scheme went on.

But there's more here than new metal and paint. David, through the luck of a typo on a Mopar Performance parts order form, scored a new 6.1L Hemi before they were "officially" offered for sale as crate engines. He improved on his lucky score by CNC porting and flowing the heads at his workplace, Arrington Manufacturing. He also had the Hemi's intake manifold extrude honed and port-matched to the heads, which means a much smoother flow through them (and likely more than the 425 hp the stock engine is rated at). There's a Keisler six-speed conversion, with a Tremec 650 six-speed manual gearbox and pistol-grip shifter behind the Hemi Magnum, and a Sure Grip-equipped 8-3/4-inch rearend running Moser axles out back.

The chassis is as new-tech as the engine, with OEM torsion bars, leaf spring, brakes, and recirculating-ball steering all taking a permanent vacation. An AlterKtions front K-member with coilovers went up front, modified by HCR for a lower stance, joined by a Flaming River rack-and-pinion steering box and a full-on Art Morrison four-link rear suspension.

Rallye wheels and performance rubber went on (next to big Wilwood disc brakes at each corner), but not the original 15-inch wheels and Goodyear Polyglas tires. Instead, Wheel Vintiques' updated Rallyes--17x8 inches in front and 18x9-1/2-inches in back--wear Z-rated, super-low-profile Nitto tires.

The interior's makeover kept the stock front bucket/rear bench seats, which were dressed in new Legendary covers by Rudy's Upholstery in Martinsville. Henry County Rods fabbed the billet gauge pod that sits under the Just Dashes dashpad, while a Sony AM/FM/CD stereo system more than updates the stock AM/FM/tape options of the past.

More than a few of you might be thinking of building something like David Weber's '70 Challenger R/T, combining the E-Body with today's powertrain technology--but doing it your way, maybe using a Callies' piston/rods/crank kit to boost the 6.1L Hemi Magnum's displacement to 7.0 liters (426 ci).