Fast Facts:
'70 Dodge Challenger R/T coupe
David Weber, Martinsville, Virginia

Mopar Power

  • 6.1 liter (372 ci) Hemi, with stock twin-plug aluminum heads CNC-ported by owner at Arrington Manufacturing. Stock long-runner intake manifold extrude honed and port-matched by owner at Arrington Manufacturing. Stock Hemi exhaust manifolds, Dynomax mufflers, 3-inch exhaust pipe and chrome exhaust tips comprise the exhaust system.
  • Transmission:

  • If four-speeds are good, six are better. Keisler's Tremec 650-based, six-speed conversion sits behind the Hemi, with a pistol-grip floor shifter.
  • Rearend:

  • Mopar 8-3/4-inch, with Sure-Grip differential and Moser axles.
  • Sure Grip

  • (Front) AlterKtions' coilovers replaced stock torsion bars; (Rear) Art Morrison four-link replaced stock rear leaf springs.
  • Brakes:

  • Wilwood disc brakes all around.
  • Steering:

  • Flaming River rack-and-pinion replaced OEM recirculating-ball system.
  • Wheels and tires:

  • (Front) Wheel Vintiques' 17x8-inch Rallye wheels and Nitto Z-rated 255/45R17 tires; (Rear) 18x91/2-inch Wheel Vintiques Rallyes with 295/35R18 Z-rated Nittos.
  • High Impact

  • Original '70 Dodge Challenger coupe Unitbody, with restoration/fabrication work done by Henry County Rods, Martinsville, Virginia. New Goodmark quarter-panels replaced rusted originals, while HCR fabrications included torque boxes, subframe connectors, and fuel tank.
  • Paint:
    DuPont Pearl White, with silver hood and rear bumblebee stripes. Bodywork, metal finishing, paint prep, and paint all done by Henry County Rods.


  • Combination of restoration (original '70 R/T seats wearing Legendary seat covers, Just Dashes dashpad) with modern-day fabrication (billet gauge pod by Henry County Rods, AM/FM/CD sound system by Sony). Interior work done by Rudy's Upholstery, Martinsville, Virginia.