Fast Facts
'70 Plymouth 'Cuda AAR
Owned by: Chris Picco, Ontario, Canada

Mopar Power
Engine: Doug Lipps from Competition Automotive rebuilt the numbers matching 340 for the 'Cuda. It was mounted to their engine dyno and produced 359 hp at 5,600 rpm. After the dyno seesion, it was shipped off to Mauro Brocca from Brocca Enterprises.
Exhaust: Factory exhaust.
Transmission: The AAR was converted to a four-speed before Chris purchased the car. Being a self proclaimed four-speed guy, he didn't have the heart to convert it back to an automatic. He now enjoys shifting gears with a Hurst pistol grip.
Rearend: 8 housing with a 3.91 Sure Grip.

Sure Grip
Suspension: Rebuilt factory suspension.
Brakes: Front factory discs with factory drums out back.
Wheels & Tires: Kelsey Tire Reproduction BFG Bias Ply E60 front and G60 rear tires mounted to factory wheels.

High Impact
Body: As rare as an AAR may be, it's even rarer that you find one with all original parts. This `Cuda wears all original and NOS body parts. Many of these parts were sourced from his good friend Rick Simpson. Metal master Sam Civello was able to throw everything together on the factory body and have it work seamlessly. Rick also gifted him a pair of NOS rear taillight chrome trim and an NOS AAR spoiler for his birthday. After the majority of the bodywork was completed it was taken to Ernie Barrett at Vetteworks of Canada in Port Perry, Ontario, for final bodywork and paint.
Paint: Ernie dressed the car in a fresh coat of BASF Glasurit single stage FJ5 Limelight, the original color.
Interior: Mauro Brocca and Chris tackled the interior in time for the Chryslers at Carlisle show in 2008. All the parts came from Dante's interior products and Legendary Auto Interiors. The bone stock interior even features the original AM radio, eight-track, and three speaker dash with rear speaker fader switch.

Project AAR
Ever since I was a young kid, my Dad, who was a Mopar guy, always had something cool in the driveway. It was about 25 years ago that I had my heart set on getting a Lime Green 'Cuda. But, my interest was even more specific--I wanted an AAR. I just loved everything about those cars, from the fiberglass hood, duck tail spoiler, to the strobe stripes. It was honestly my dream car growing up. We all have them, don't we? The AAR was one of the reasons I switched careers in 2001 in order to become more successful in life. I told everyone who would listen just how badly I wanted this car. I even started the website because of this passion.

Hoping my new website would help me track down a viable and original car, I checked it every single day for one to be posted. Sadly it didn't happen, and life continued on. Resigning myself to the fact that I would have to buy my car in the U.S. (I'm from Canada, eh) and travel to inspect it, I continued the search and chased each lead I got.

My parents live about one hour from my house, and on the way there for a visit one day, I was day dreaming about the car. As my wife and I were driving I caught a quick flash of a car under a cover at the top of a driveway in a wooded area. This convinced me to stop and turn around. I knew the shape of the car and the lime green lower rear valance could make it a 'Cuda. As I approached the gated fence I was greeted by a man on a lawn tractor and he welcomed me in for a quick look.