We've heard that the 340-powered Challengers are some of the best-handling Mopars, and Glenn doesn't disagree. "It handles better than any other E-Body that I've driven," he says with a big smile. "I have a '70 'Cuda that's a 440 6-Barrel/four-speed car-I've had it for a while, and my wife won't drive a four-speed. Even though she learned to drive on one, she hasn't driven one since then."

With a Slap Stick-shifted 340, why mess with a clutch? "She loves it, we're happy with it, and we drive it everywhere," Glenn adds. "Since we got that car, we don't drive anything else!"

Fast Facts
'71 Dodge Challenger convertible
Owned by:
Donna and Glenn Randall, Annapolis, Maryland

Mopar Power

  • Engine: Instead of the big-block, this Citron Yella '71 Challenger convertible has a 340 under its hood-the option code E55 engine that went in at Hamtramck when this car was built on May 5, 1971.
  • Transmission: Option code D32: A heavy-duty 727 TorqueFlite, with a factory "Slap Stick" shifter in the console
  • Rearend: The original 8 3/4-inch rear end, with an open differential and 3.23:1 rear gears.

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: Original Rallye suspension that went on at Hamtramck: (Front) heavy duty longitudinal torsion bars, sway bar, and shocks (Rear) heavy-duty leaf springs, sway bar, and shocks.
  • Brakes: B51 power brakes with discs in front, drums in back
  • Wheels and Tires: 15 x 7-inch Rallye wheels were original equipment on this Challenger, while the OEM E60-15 bias-ply tires were replaced long ago by P235/60R15 BFGoodrich Radial T/As

High Impact

  • Body: An original '71 Challenger convertible unibody that's never needed new steel.
  • Paint: GY3 Citron Yella "High Impact" paint went on in the paint shop at Hamtramck, and the same color was re-applied about eight years ago (as were the black stripes.)
  • Interior: Original high back black vinyl buckets (code H6X9) were OEM, and that's what it still has. "Music Master" AM radio was a later addition, as this was a radio/speaker delete car when built.

"She loves it, we're happy with it, and we drive it everywhere. Since we got that car, we don't drive anything else!"-Glenn Randall