Craig chose the most diplomatic approach to the scenario and spoke with the shop owner to determine how much time was needed to finish the car. "He said about a week’s worth of work, working day and night," he says. "So we set a week and I flew down to help him out and get the car finished." Craig says this became one of the best learning experiences of his life.

With the bodywork drama out of the way, the Challenger was back home in his garage and began to roll along smoothly. Craig quickly installed all the N.O.S. parts he accumulated in the time the car was away, and had the car finished, short of the drivetrain and interior. The engine was shipped off to Joe Robinson in Clayton, New Jersey, the four-speed was off to Passon Performance, and Craig kept the body at home to restore the suspension, re-cover the seats, and clean up the interior.

After five years of stress, the Challenger certainly lived up to Craig’s need to occupy his mind. "Just about every nut, bolt, and part of this car was restored," he quips. And, "after 300 line items on an Excel spreadsheet and two inches of receipts, I understood why some would feel a little nervous to drive their car."