When DaimlerChrysler introduced the new rear-wheel-drive platform in 2005 with the Chrysler 300 and Hemi 300C, they found themselves with a smash hit on their hands.

Dodge produced the Magnum-a next-generation station wagon boasting speed, handling, and overall track performance, coupled with the utility and versatility of a low-slung SUV. Offered with a litany of options, including the 5.7 Hemi, the Magnum has become one of DCX's most popular vehicles.

Both the 300C and the Magnum have taken the shape of many different trends, from massive 22-inch DUBs and thundering sound systems, to rollcages and drag slicks. One manifestation has been the unique Shaker Magnum from Classic Design Concepts, LCC in Walled Lake, Michigan. Classic Design Concepts (CDC) has been in business since 1990, providing late-model car owners with innovative body cues and components to make their cars look personalized and distinctive.

Wanting to display their new Shaker hoodscoop, CDC crafted a tailored Magnum wagon around the aftermarket modification. First, the engine compartment and hood needed to be altered to allow for the heavy-breathing snorkel to protrude out on top. Using the same template that comes standard in every kit available through CDC, a pattern was drawn and cut out of the stock hood, aligning with the engine bonnet. The engine shroud was removed and replaced with their specially designed base plate and Shaker intake. The intake funnels air from the outside through a performance air box and into the throttle body. The process appears to be doglegged and troublesome, but in reality offers improved performance over the stock air box and greatly improved aesthetics.

With their mantelpiece in place, the Magnum received additional cosmetic modifications. A complete Borla exhaust system was installed to the Hemi, providing even more boost to the final horsepower tally. CDC also provided their own custom front fascia, grille inserts, and tailgate trim pieces. A body-length chrome spear was designed to run along the sides of the Magnum, ending with a crafted curve to parallel the front fender flare. All but the chrome accents were painted in several coats of Matrix Intense FX Paint's Groovy Grape purple, all in-house at CDC's facility. Finally, giant 22-inch Diamond Wheels from KMC Wheel Company wrapped in Scorpion Zero Pirelli rubber were bolted-on to grip the asphalt at each corner.